Schizophrenia View

As a person living with schizophrenia who is not shy or ashamed, I have a lot of people who like to ask me questions about what it is like to be schizophrenic.  They want to know what symptoms I experience, if I have to take medicines, do I lose touch with reality, and things of that nature.  I love talking about it and don’t mind the questions at all because I want to raise the awareness of this amazing but sometimes horrible disease.  

Because of this I thought I’d create an informational site that it easy to read and understand that I can send my friends to when they want more information that we had time to share.  This will cover the basics so that the person will leave armed with enough knowledge that they will remember, but nothing too deep or technical.

I’m glad you’ve stopped by and I hope you’ll read as much as you enjoy.  Please direct your own friends this way as well.  Another great resource if you have time is Schiz Life, which digs a little deeper.  Check that out for more.


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